About Us

Who we are?

White Sepal Services Private Limited, a company registered under Company's Act 1956 has the legal ownership of We at Feepal are a team of entrepreneurs, digital marketers and educationists who want to change the paradigm of financial transactions in the educational institutions. To pursue this goal we incorporated the online portal In nut shell is the e-commerce aggregator of our partner educational institutes and enables these institutes to automate their financial transactions.

What do we offer?

We consider ourselves as a service company that offers convenience, save time and tenders world class experience to the guardians/payers who are interested in any kind of financial transaction in our partner educational institutions. We enable the payers of our partner institutes to pay fees online, purchase admission forms, buy books etc from anywhere and anytime using Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card through We also envision simplifying the work load and mitigating the fee collection cost of the educational institutions by the stable technological interventions.

Our Services:

For the educational institutes we are "Free Forever". The following are the services that we offer to the educational institutes:

  1. Comprehensive online fee collection ecosystem.
  2. Online Admission-Form selling and management
  3. Web Store: Where the students/payers/guardians can purchase online; the merchandise items from school book shops
  4. Platform to conduct online tests and exams